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We all have some emotional support in our lives, whether it be from a partner, children, family or friends. Despite this support being so essential to our personal lives, we tend to underestimate the power of having that same unconditional support at work.

After that tricky meeting or when you’re simply having a bad day, it is uplifting and motivating when you have someone who can assist and encourage you to pick yourself up and to make the most out of every day. As your virtual assistant, we can be the voice of reason when you feel stuck or indecisive, and the understanding listening ear when you need to get problems off your chest.

The evidence…

“[Jennie] arranges conference calls (reminding me not to be in my PJ’s when on Skype!) She reminds me to eat lunch. She’s even been known to text me the name of a lady at a conference when I forgot it!

I now have my life back, more time with my son, I’ve straightened my tiara, brushed down my cape and am flying, thanks to Jennie.”

C. Daubney, Rowan Tree UK Ltd


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