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Sometimes it can be difficult to realise how much you need help until you finally allow yourself to receive it. Your company is your empire but being the owner of your business does not mean that you must achieve everything alone, and delegating tasks does not mean they won’t get done to your standards.

When you have worked hard to build something from nothing it can be scary to pass over responsibility to other people, especially when they work remotely. But, as your business begins to grow, it becomes harder and harder to solely juggle the mounting admin tasks alongside your clients, products and business development.

By delegating tasks and spreading the workload, you will generate more profits, more success and more happiness. Office Wings will streamline business processes, schedule and organise your diary, efficiently complete the tasks that are essential to the day-to-day running of your business, and, overall, save you time and money. No matter how long you need a helping hand for, or what administration tasks need doing, your virtual assistant will become your irreplaceable business right-hand man (or right-hand women in our case!)

The evidence…

“I’ve been working with Abi because I needed day to day admin help with my business. She helps me with everything from social media planning to online research, so I know my business is running smoothly even when I’m tied up with clients. Every task she completes is to a high standard and on time. I would highly recommend her to any small business who needs to grow without feeling overwhelmed by admin!”
D. White, Restore Health & Wellbeing

“Jennie and her team have helped my business processes considerably. Their knowledge of different time saving software, apps and systems has saved me hours of administration time and made tasks like booking appointments effortless. They provide cover all year round, and can always step up at short notice if I need additional support.”
J. Milton, Jane Milton


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