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Blogging has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years and is now used as a strong and fundamental piece of communication in many industries. Writing a blog has even become some peoples full time job.

So, why should your website have a blog? Here are some reasons why having a blog on your website have become increasingly important.

1. Increased engine traffic

Having multiple blogs on your website will mean that these pages will come up on the search engine multiple times instead of just your main website coming up. This will increase the chance of someone clicking onto a blog to then go onto your website to look at more blogs or more information.

2. Inbound links

On your blogs you should use inbound links. An inbound link will link further to your website. For example; you will mention another blog and link it or discuss services available by your company and link to that page on your website.

3. Makes your brand relatable

Blogging will give your brand a personality. It will provide a space to touch on issues which people can relate to, which will in turn create and increase brand loyalty.

4. Creates conversation

Blogging is in a more informal manner, which makes it easier for people to engage with. You should allow a comment section below each blog so people can leave their comments, make sure you then engage with these and take any feedback into consideration.

5. Social Media

Within blogs you can add in your social media links, so people can then go and carry on the conversation on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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