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Communication is a vital skill within any workplace. Without it, there are so many risks of a range of different things going wrong. From booking the wrong appointment or sending an incorrect email to the wrong person. These are all things which can be avoided with the right communication.

The virtual assistant needs to have regular communication with the client to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Also, to make sure that if things change or there is a sudden problem that this is communicated between them. This will ensure that everything is kept on top of and not forgotten about.

How can communication be improved?

Regular Emails

Firstly, emailing each other regularly with updates throughout the day is a good way to keep in touch. As soon as something changes the client should email the VA immediately with a brief overview of changes.

Summary evening calls

At the end of each working day, the client should give the VA an update for that day and a summary of the next day and coming week.

Weekly Skypes

Skyping or Facetiming once a week will enhance your communication as the VA will actually be able to see the client. It will allow things to be visualised better.

Diary share

Finally, the client could share their diary with the VA. This will make it easier for the VA to arrange, reschedule and cancel appointments and meetings.

We all know that communication is ultimately one of the most important skills to have but we all sometimes forget about it from time to time. We hope this blog helps give you some re-inspiration on communication.

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