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Proofreading and editing a piece of work is so important. It is so easy to make little mistakes without realising, especially if your piece of work has taken a long time to write and includes a lot of text. Words can blend together, and you can understandably become tired from working on it. But even if the work is a small piece of writing, proofreading is still as important to make sure the work is up to the best standard it can be.

Here are some great tips to help you get started with proofreading

1. Take time away

Once you have completed a piece of work, to be able to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes you need to take some time away from the work. Then you will be able to go back to it and read it to see mistakes.

2. Re-read

You must re-read through your work multiple times to pick up mistakes as sometimes you can get into a flow of reading something not exactly how it’s been written.

3. Mark mistakes and change

Highlight your mistakes as you go along and make sure they get changed correctly. Then you must re-read again to make sure that your changes make sense.

4. Separate the work into sections

If you struggle to concentrate on big pieces of text, separate your work into sections and re-read them. Then mark the mistakes, change them and re-read again until that section is finished.

5. Another pair of eyes

Give your work to someone else to check over and edit for you. They will be able to also tell you whether your writing makes sense form an outsider’s eyes. This will be good for a double check over.

We understand that proofreading and editing can take up a lot of time, if you would like to take that pressure of yourself then contact us through our website and let us know how we can help you.