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Filing is a task which everyone needs to complete. It is important to keep your cabinet organised and up to date. This blog gives you some top tips on how to help your filing cabinet get into good shape.


Organise your filing cabinet. When you’re labelling each section, use full words not just letters and nicknames. You want to save yourself as much time in the future when looking for something. Use colour coding and arrange things in the way you like them; alphabetical, monthly, yearly.

Shred and recycle

Get rid of anything you don’t absolutely need to file, do this by shredding the document and then recycling the paper. You’re not just doing your bit for the environment but for the sanity of your office brain.

Always put mailing option as electronic

Do not accept mail in the post, it will only take up more time in the future going through your post and documenting the important pieces. Accept them to your email and file them on there, create different files directly on your emails.

Lockable filing cabinets

Ensuring that your filing cabinets are locked is now crucial as they must correspond with GDPR.

Online back-up

Keeping copies of things within your office space does, unfortunately, like anything else in your office, put them at risk of being lost or damaged. Having an electronic copy of your documents could save this from happening.


We all know filing isn’t exactly the best job in the world and can take a lot of time. We didn’t know how to add fun to this job but what we do know if rewarding yourself after you have completed a certain bit of dreaded filing or you’ve been working for a length of time does make you feel a lot better. A chocolate bar definitely helps.

If filing isn’t for you and you don’t have time to completely the sometimes lengthy and daunting task then outsource this to us! Here at Office Wings, we are here to help you. Contact us through our website today.