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Here at Office Wings we understand the high importance of having a good CV under your belt therefore we want to help you create a sufficient, to the point and top-quality document which will give the first impression of you to employers.

So why do you need a CV?

This will show potential employers all the important information about you at a glance, it helps them make a good judgment of whether you are right or not for that position.

What makes a good CV?

The document must be of 2 pages and under, this is because employers have a dedicated amount of time to read through each CV. It must be accurate and concise, including correct information about yourself following with qualification, skills and experience to show you are suited for that role.

Why do you need to stand out to employers?

Standing out is crucial as you may be 1 of 1000’s applying for the same job.

So, what can you do to stand out?

Office wings will help you create an engaging and personal CV. Working through the different parts which make you, you. If standing out means creating a CV and an add on interactive element which leads them to your creative portfolio or website including Linked In, we can do that!

Today’s world is so fast moving that sometimes an ordinary CV isn’t enough, we can help you think out of the box and include something which will help you stand out amongst the crowd!