Business & Lifestyle Support Services


On appointment, we will issue you with a full set of terms for the duration of our contract. In summary, these terms will include and cover:

  1. How we record our time. We will keep a record of the hours actually spent on providing services, including time spent and work done. This information will form the basis of our monthly invoicing.
  2. We will carry the appropriate insurances and protections, including liability insurance, data protection registration and any other relevant certification to allow us to complete our work.
  3. Our hours of work. Our hours of work are Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm as standard. We are available to work outside of these hours however this is through prior agreement and may be charged at a higher rate.
  4. We will maintain complete confidentiality and discretion at all times. We will not breach any third-party copyright rights in providing Services. All data and information will be held securely within our office, only for as long as is absolutely necessary.
  5. Invoicing will be completed through an online accounting system, on a monthly basis and payment terms are 28 days.
  6. Policies and Procedures. We will hold a number of statutory and supportive HR policies which we will update on an annual basis. These will include Data Protection, Equality and Health & Safety.
  7. Client relationships. Any relationships that we build through our relationship with you will be held only in that way and we will not seek to build our own business from your connections. If any opportunity for new business arises, this will be discussed with you in advance of any serious communication.
  8. Termination. Any timescales and termination timelines will be made clear at the point of booking.