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As Big Ben chimes midnight, we commit ourselves to 365 days of becoming a more efficient, a more productive and a more “perfect” person. New year celebrations can fill us with a sense of hope and excitement with the promise of turning over a new leaf. However, the new resolutions and rules we make for ourselves often fall flat within weeks… or days… or sometimes even hours!

So, here is what to do instead as of January 1st:

1) What went well in 2017?

Even though it feels great to be able to start afresh in January, don’t forget or undermine all your achievements from the past year. Congratulate yourself on how well you did and give yourself the confidence that the new year will be just as successful!

2) Don’t focus on WHAT you are going to do… say HOW you are going to achieve it.

The end goal can feel unobtainable and so can cause us to quickly throw in the towel. By rephrasing your ultimate resolution into a more progressive intention, you move the focus onto the process and not the final result. For example, instead of saying I am going to make my business more successful, you could plan a new social media schedule to improve and develop your marketing throughout the year, ultimately resulting to the increased success of your business.

3) Write a 2018 bucket list

Although similar to resolutions, bucket lists tend to be based around new experiences and positive opportunities that you are looking forward to. By focussing on positive ideas, rather than those that you don’t really want to do, you will find that you get more out of 2018.

4) Break your year down

You are more likely to achieve multiple, more manageable challenges, rather than one unreachable target. Mix up personal and business aims and use them to set yourself monthly challenges that are more accomplishable.

5) Make a happiness calendar

Mark on a calendar the events that you are most looking forward to, to keep you motivated and upbeat as the year progresses. They might be celebrating a big birthday, going on a sunny holiday, mastering a new hobby, seeing a long-distance friend, getting a new pet, amongst many others.

6) What do you do best?

Give yourself a confidence boost by improving on the things that you already do well. You are more likely to want to practice and improve them, and are therefore more likely to stick with them.

7) Don’t do what is expected of you

When we picture new year resolutions we immediately think losing weight, joining the gym, learning how to play an instrument, or watching less TV. This year try going against the norm, think outside of the box and base your resolutions on what you really want to achieve.

8) Two minds are better than one

Your resolutions don’t have to be about what you are going to achieve alone. Think what can you achieve with your work team and your friends. This can increase motivation and make you all more likely to stick to your intentions.

9) Don’t better yourself, better the world

New year’s resolutions are often very self-centred and are all about how we can improve ourselves. Base your aims for 2018 around improving the world: you could give up some time to volunteer, donate to a worthy charity or raise money for a cause you love.

10) Write a letter to your future self

Here’s your chance to summarise all the positive things you want to get out of the new year. All the things that you want to achieve and where you want to be in your life in a year’s time. Stash it away somewhere safe and then read it at the start of 2019 to see just how far you’ve come.

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Happy New Year!