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Despite a virtual assistant taking on an appearance of polyamorous personal assistant, there is so much more to my job than solely admin! So, to celebrate the wide and breadth of my job role, here is a list of the top 5 reasons why I love being a VA…

No two days are ever the same

Having multiple clients from all locations and business backgrounds make for a very varied workload. It’s this variety that prevents my job from ever getting boring! I learn something new everyday meaning that I continue to grow in knowledge and self-confidence and continue to develop as a virtual assistant.

I get to meet some amazing people

As the right-hand women to my clients, I am often the first point of call for them. I get to assist some wonderful people in their business and personal lives. Through networking I get to meet business owners who have create an empire from pennies, and people who have overcome trauma in their personal lives to achieve their dreams. These people inspire me both at work and at home and they motivate me to get the best out of every day.

I get to contribute to the success of others

Some of the work I do makes an immediate difference to our clients. Introducing a new piece of finance software instantly improves organisation and accountability. Finishing a project plan rapidly leads to the growth of a business. Nonetheless, the little differences I make are also important. Taking on a client’s email and diary management gradually allows them to become free of booking and cancelling meetings and instead focus on their specialist job roles. Beginning a social media designing and scheduling plan builds a dedicated business following and an audience of potential clients.

I can work (sort of) flexibly

Ah… the bliss of a flexible work schedule that fits in around the other elements of your life. Being able to work to your preferences rather than the traditional 9 till 5 (unless of course that’s when you wish to work!) Nevertheless, there is no denying that being a VA is still hard work; no successful VA has ever got to where they are without prioritising their clients and putting in the effort to get great results!

I don’t have to sit in the morning rush hour

Perhaps a seemingly trivial benefit of working from home is that I have no geographical limits, i.e. there is no getting stuck in the morning traffic! Most of my communication with clients and other companies is done virtually; any meetings that I have face-to-face are organised in at a mutually beneficial time and location. This allows me to make the most of every minute of my day and to work as efficiently as possible. Considering the average person spends 90,000 hours at work, it is undeniably important that we enjoy our job. Although it took me a few years to decide on what my career was going to be, I really do love my job and wouldn’t change it for the world! Contact us or visit the Office Wings website to find out more about our services and how we can help you!