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The invention of the internet has changed the world in immeasurable ways. Personally, it means I can use Google Maps to find my way around London. In terms of my children, it banishes boredom on long car journeys. For my family, it means doing the weekly food shop without leaving the house, as well as keeping on top of our finances without having to keep written accounts and downloading music to listen to when we’re cooking/doing homework. But what has the internet meant for businesses and customer service?

Here are our top 3 reasons why every business is better off because of the invention of the internet:

More widespread customer reviews and feedback

Never underestimate the power of a great review! People love to give their opinion, whether it be on your business, politics or the weather. Pre-internet, a great (or poor) review would have been spread around the local area via word of mouth or advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Nowadays we have the same sharing of opinion but over a much larger area. You could be a cake maker who sells a birthday cake to your next-door neighbour in Newcastle and the following day get asked to make a 5-tier wedding cake for someone in Bristol, all because of how previous customers have reviewed you online.

Customers can easily tell you what they like and don’t like about your product/service, giving you the opportunity to perfect your business. This is especially invaluable if you are a start-up business, as taking on board your customers’ feedback will help your business to grow and become more popular.

Quick self-service

Self-service may not be a benefit that first sprang to your mind; however, customers being able to easily discover, research, contact and buy from your business is invaluable. If a potential customer wants a service, they are more than likely to Google you. Build up your reputation on Google, get more clients; it’s as simple as that! They can then select and purchase your item/service without even meeting or talking to you! Used wisely, this can mean minimum effort from you whilst still generating maximum customers. Additionally, you’ll attract customers as they will be able to purchase your product/service using minimum effort and time. It’s a win-win situation!

Better communication

Phone calls are still heavily relied upon when closing business deals; however, don’t forget the effectiveness of using the internet to communicate with the general public, your target market, leads, new customers and your long-term clients. You can communicate with more people in less time using the internet; answering a customer’s query quickly is a definite way to improve customer service!

That being said, there is no need to abandon your phone just yet, just make sure you are putting enough time into your business’ social media, website and emails. But I don’t have time for that, I hear you say! Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between carrying out the core function of your business and achieving the best out of the internet. By working alongside a virtual assistant you can do all of the aforementioned, plus even more!

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