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Planning a party has be difficult and time consuming, especially if you haven’t planned one before. But we are here to give you a helping hand to help you plan that all important Halloween party you have been dreaming of.

This blog will list a few of the things you will need to make your party the best.

1. A spooky venue

The venue search is so important. You want to make sure it fits your party theme perfectly. We recommend for Halloween going all out and searching up some older buildings to give it that extra spooky touch.

2. Decorations

You want to decorate your venue to fit your spooky theme. Party Delights has decorations to fit every Halloween theme! We absolutely love the scary signs and big witch balloons.

3. Some scrumptious treats

Now it’s time to decide what good you’re going to serve. Let’s leave the finger sandwiches and sausage rolls at home and create some special Halloween treats. Need some inspiration and recipe ideas? Click here.

4. Devilish drinks

You want to have the best Halloween drinks ever at your party, not just the same old Fanta and Coca-Cola. Check out some drinks recipes here which are easy to make and will help add some great atmosphere.

5. A standout costume

This is your party after all, so make sure you pick up a crazy standout outfit. You can order some great ones online which will come straight to your door. Hassle free! Check out here or gain some inspiration for them needed last minute costume ideas here.

6. The all important cleaners

The next day or even on the evening of your event you do not want to spend clearing the mess up. The thought of you at the end of a great party in your witch costume clearing up gummy bears which are now stuck the floor is a vision we want to avoid completely. Hire some cleaners to go in and clear the space before you need to hand the keys back.

Want someone to plan your Halloween party for you? Office Wings will do all of that for you and more. Contact us today through our website or call us on 01234 589263.