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My guess is that you have decided to give this blog a read because you are a business owner who has successfully established their business and are now ready to grow, develop and expand.

So, how are you going to go about making that next step?

Maybe you are unsure of how to go about gaining more clients. Perhaps you don’t have time to throw yourself into your business because you are too busy juggling bookkeeping and scheduling social media. Maybe you want to know more about what outsourcing is and how it can benefit your business. Whatever your reason, you have come to the right blog to find the answer!

The seed

Your initial business idea. There is so much potential to develop into something successful and strong. Nonetheless there can also be a lot of worry and doubt about it failing. What if there aren’t the right external conditions to allow your business to prosper? What if you don’t make the right choices to allow this idea to come to life, and instead it simply fizzles out and dies?

But have faith; a tiny acorn can turn into the mightiest and most impressive of oak trees that thrives for hundreds of years. If the vision you have for your business is strong and clear in your mind, then it will succeed! Even when you have got your business off the ground, you must keep your original vision clear in your mind, but it’s important to move on from your initial idea and allow your business to flourish and grow.


The roots

All businesses need a solid foundation from which to progress. These are all the measures that you put in place to make sure that your business will succeed. From familiarising yourself with the local market, to learning how to use new online systems, these are the things that keep your business grounded and secure.


The trunk

Without calling you wooden… the mainframe, or trunk, of your business is you. You are the at the centre of your business and are the core person through which all ideas, decisions, and information must travel. It is therefore vital that you look after your own wellbeing for your business to grow.


The branches

These are the areas of your business that can grow.  It can be how you yourself can grow, such as learning more skills to develop your knowledge and expertise, or how your client base and staff team is expanding. As your business grows, the more branches you will have on your business tree!

Having more branches can also cause increased workload and stress for you. This is where a Virtual Assistant comes in. By outsourcing tasks to your VA, you can grow your business without making your life hell!


The leaves

As your business blossoms and thrives, you will start to see little additional extras begin to appear. Whether they are new ideas from your VA or the innovative ideas generated by you having a clearer mind. Or maybe it is the fact that you have created more freedom for yourself, giving yourself more free time and more control. The leaves of your business are the finishing touches that make you more successful and show that your business is flourishing.

Pass over your admin tasks to us and give your business the chance to branch out, bear fruit and prosper!

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