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Managing your time can be difficult especially when you’re busy and have a lot of activities to complete. This can become stressful at times and sometimes cause you to spend more time worrying about the small amount of time you have to complete different tasks than getting the tasks done.

We all do it and its nothing to be ashamed off! But we want to help you today to manage this better. These are some of our top tips for helping you get stuff done.


Firstly, creating a schedule which you do using your diary or create something online to put everything you need to do that day or week. If you do this at the start of each week, or the night before each day you will have this sorted in advance.

Colour Coding

To prioritise your schedule, use colours to organise it. Different colours will mean different things, for example red would mean urgent and a blue would mean not so urgent. This will help you at a glance be about to see what you must do today.


Allowing for an amount of time for each task will mean that you will do what you can within that time and then put it down and start the next task. This will help people that struggle when procrastinating, by putting a time limit down it will hope to motivate you to get the work done within that time frame by also fitting in the other work which needs to get done that day.

Do not multi-task

If you take breaks into account then you will have more of a chance of scheduling in your diary a more realistic amount of work for that day. Make sure you give yourself some time for lunch and some breaks to answer phones call and messages as you do not want to be trying to complete a task whilst on the phone and eating your lunch all at the same time. This will only stress you further.

Do not accept more work than you can do

Accepting work when you are already struggling for time will only worsen your problem. Take on the amount of work you can do within the time frame without having to cause more stress upon yourself. Learning to say no may be difficult at first but in the long run it will help you out.


The feeling of drowning in work is never nice, no one wants to feel like that and we at Office Wings are here to give you a helping hand. Outsourcing you work may give you that extra bit of time to yourself or we can simply help you manage your time better! Get in contact with us through our website or give us a call on 01234 589263