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The simple answer is no.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that your social media marketing isn’t important!

Building a following on your business’ social media platforms is a valuable way of bringing in new customers. The most used platforms are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, although Instagram and Pinterest certainly have their place too!

There is no denying that marketing experts are amazing! Working with one (or several) can bring you new ideas, help you to post at the most effective times to target your audience and let you know how best to utilise each platform.

However, if you are a solopreneur or have a new start-up, paying for an expert is unlikely to be financially viable!

So how can you get the most out of your social media marketing without consulting an expert?

Get a scheduling app

Free scheduling apps can keep you organised, help you to plan plus save you a lot of time! Our favourites include Buffer and Hootsuite.

Get some free advice.

Type “social media marketing ideas” into Google and you get over 383,000,000 results. There is so much free advice out there; others will let you learn from their experiences, meaning that you don’t have to spend the time making the mistakes they did. People will give you ideas of what to say, when and where to say it, plus much more.

Repurpose content.

We love using Canva to create images for social media that are relevant and personalised to our business. However, doing this on a daily basis can be very time consuming! So why not re-purpose your old content! Especially if you have been posting content on social media for months (or even years) there will be lots of “oldies but goodies” that you can update or just simply re-post.

Have social media alerts on your phone

Make sure that the apps for your social media platforms are installed on your phone. That way you will be notified when people interact with your post, i.e. like/comment/share/retweet/etc

 At Office Wings, we understand that the above point may all be well and good, but where is the time to do them! If you feel like you could use a bit of extra time focused on your social media marketing, contact us or visit our website.

And then if and when you are ready to outsource all of your marketing, there are many great experts out there!