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Back to school

No matter if it was 5 or 30 years ago, we never forget that back to school feeling.  Six glorious weeks of freedom ending all too quickly. Then followed by the dread of getting into the swing of learning and being set mountains of homework!

Back to business

Unless you are the manager of a children’s attraction, summer is often a quieter time for businesses. Clients are on holiday and so require less from you. Or you yourself are taking the opportunity to relax, unwind and leave your troubles at home.

Now summer is coming to an end, we often get that same feeling of dread we got in our school days. You return from your summer break to find that the piles of work are overwhelming, you are scared to open your inbox and you’ve forgotten how to log on to your Xero account!

However, there was also a positive side to returning to school. That sense of a new beginning and a fresh start. With sharpened pencils and ironed uniform making you feel smart and prepared, September would fill you with motivation and a positivity about what the coming year could bring.

This is the perfect time for you to apply the same mentality to your business. Think of September as a time to turn over a new leaf. With 16 weeks left until Christmas, set goals and think about how you could best utilise your time to achieve them. Freshen up your office or business space to give you that feeling of being prepared for the work to come. Do whatever it takes to bring back the motivation we so often lose over the summer months. You can even buy yourself some new shoes and a pencil case if it will help!

Find out more

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