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We all know the daunting feeling of the 100+ icon appearing in email inbox and even with saying that having just 10 unread emails in your inbox can be pretty stressful at times, especially if these are trickier to answer emails. But that’s ok, we are here to help give you some top tips on keeping on top of your emails which should leave you feeling a lot more relaxed when opening your emails in the morning or even after a long weekend off.

Firstly, keeping on top of your emails is important as within your inbox could be unread important information regarding dates, events and work which needs to be done. Your inbox is going to be essentially a field of information which needs your attention so keeping up to date with your emails can be crucial to have a good work and personal life.

1. Unsubscribe to unwanted junk emails

An inbox with 1000’s of emails can be pretty overwhelming; this feeling isn’t always necessary when half the emails are spam and an old subscription to something you don’t even pay for anymore! Get rid of these, clear and delete them. This will leave your inbox looking a lot happier.

2. Organisation is key

After deleting unwanted emails, you can sort your current emails into different folders. These folders can be whatever you want them to be. This could vary from sorting them into years, or months for the current year. Or sorted into clients, urgency and non-urgency. Whichever folders you choose will gradually help you to tackle your cluttered mailbox.

3. Answer them tricky emails you’ve been putting off

Responding to some emails can be time worthy and little sticky if you haven’t replied in quite a while. But clearing these first will help you feel freer, whilst making your inbox look a little more freer as well. Thank us later!

4. Templates

Create a template which you can copy into all of your emails, this could include all of your details which sit at the end of the email or a simple paragraph template for longer emails. This will save you more time in the long run whilst also making your emails look professional.

5. “Out of office” automated response

This response can indicate straight away that your response may be a little delayed as you are on a vacation or course away from your normal working hours. It is important that you only use these automated responses when completely necessary as no employer or professional businessman would like to receive these if you are not away just busy. When these are used in the correct way it will give you some time to organise and reply emails when you are back in the office.

And there you have it, a few of our top tips to stop your inbox looking from too overwhelming. If you are looking for a more personalised service, then do not hesitate to contact us through our “contact” icon on our website or on 01234 589263.