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So much can happen in half a decade. You could travel to Mars and back three times. A new-born baby can learn to walk, talk and write their name. You would even have time to watch all the Harry Potter films back-to-back over 2190 times! A lot can also happen in the business world. In the past 5 years our business has moved from initially forming to strongly performing. Office Wings was first established in 2012 and since then has gone from strength to strength. To highlight this, we have chosen 5 of our favourite achievements to demonstrate what we have accomplished from then, through till now:

  1. Our awards

Best New Business in Bedfordshire 2014

Our first award, but it is still cherished by us. This was the first acknowledgement of our potential as a business to succeed and thrive. Judges recognised that our business was enterprising and had shown growth in the marketplace. Being chosen for this award confirmed to us that we had a detailed and realistic business plan and gave us the confidence to keep pursuing our business goals.

VA of the Year 2015; England and East of England

This award is presented for championing good practice and demonstrating professional excellence within the industry. It is an honour that our passion, our values and our vision have been recognised and celebrated. We are unbelievably proud of this achievement and the award takes pride of place on display in our office.

  1. Our awe-inspiring trip to Dubai

Not once, but twice our work has taken us outside of the UK to the amazing Dubai.  Even with technology meaning that we can communicate all around the world, nothing can substitute visiting the place your clients are based to get a real sense of what benefits your business can bring to them. During our visit we gained a clear understanding of how business works in the UAE and what this means for the different audiences. We even brought ideas back with us to improve our business back at home!

  1. Becoming President of Bedfordshire Business Women

BBW is a networking group for business women in Bedfordshire. The organisation not only promotes women in business; it additionally advises and inspires members to help them to grow their business. The President is voted for annually by members, and in 2016 Jennie was elected. This role came with many responsibilities; for example, running a non-profit organisation, including organising monthly networking meetings and events at different venues. During Jennie’s time as President, BBW fundraised to support the local charity, FACES (Family and Children’s Early-help Services). This contributed to BBW winning Best Networking Group at the regional FSB awards 2016.

  1. Planning the perfect party

One of our favourite parts of being a Virtual Assistant is getting the opportunity to organise memorable events for our clients. We had the privilege of planning a housewarming party for a client and their 60 guests. We were brimming full of ideas of how to make this party special. The event went off without a hitch, even when a 6-litre bottle of wine was opened! Event planning is a really personal part of our role and it is fantastic to see our clients getting so much joy out of our hard work.

  1. Building strong and positive connections

One of the greatest assets we have gained over the past 5 years are the relationships we have formed. We are a close-knit team of four creative and hard-working women and our rapport reflects the positive relationships with have with our customers. The trust and loyalty we have established with our clients has enabled us to overcome challenges and professionally excel. It is truly rewarding to see the difference we have made to an individual’s business and their life, and our client’s happiness is the icing on the cake of our work as Virtual Assistants.